Benefits of Vitamin D3

Dear Friends and Family,

There appears to be a worldwide effort to slow-down the spread of information regarding how Vitamin D3 Supplementation can and does significantly help positively help our body’s immune system.

Now, before you roll your eyes, read on.

As we all know, those with power and money have no desire to strengthen humanity’s immune systems to such a degree that death from Covid 19 (and other immune attacks) can be solved with such an inexpensive supplement.

In my opinion, everyone should see their doctor to order a blood test to check Vitamin D3 (Hydroxy 25) levels. If levels are below 50, we should be working with our doctors to take an adequate D3 supplement to reach a level above 60. After years of study, evidence proves that this blood level of D3 is NOT toxic, in any way shape or form.

The medical establishment considers a level of 30 or more sufficient. And because of this, you may have to pay for the test. And further, depending upon where you live, you cannot get the test conducted without a doctors approval. This is true where I live in Hawaii. How do I know? Because myself and several friends had this first-hand experience. Crazy!

In my first D3 blood test, we discovered my Vitamin D3 level to be 36ng/mL.

After I’ve been taking 5000 IU (international units) for months, my Vitamin D3 (hydroxy 25) level is now 54ng/mL.

Please watch this video, developed by Dr. John Campbell (in the UK) about Vitamin D3 in covid patients. Some of the comments below the video are interesting, too.

Vitamin D and Covid-19, government inaction (November 17, 2021):

Love to everyone,
Troy Lyndon

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